Thursday, December 20, 2007

Way Overdue For Some New Pics!!

MB 1972 Ford Bronco with 55th Anniversary logo.

Street Show Bone Shaker

Revell 1/24th Dale Earnhardt Jr Talldega win.

MB Waste Management trash compactor.

Purple Passion in yellow with 7 spokes.

Purple Passion in silver...

#15 Mike Waltrip NAPA Chevy from the DEI days...

How do you like the wheels and tires on this Custom '69 Chevy Treasure Hunt?

Goin' Postal!!

Lancia Stratos Mystery Car

Pontiac Firebird in maroon.

GT-03 Mystery Car...

New Hummer H2 SUT...

Corvette Sport Coupe

Custom '62 Chevy

Dodge Power Wagon


Chevy Silverado

Sweet new '69 Corvette Mystery Car!

1/4 Mile Coupe