Sunday, September 9, 2007

How about a '55-'57 Chevy Show?

My favorite cars, the 1955 and 1957 Chevy!

This is a custom made for me by Mark Thompsen, a Jada '55 Chevy done in Dale Earnhardt Wheaties colors. Beautiful car, don't you think?

I really like this car!! Thanks, Mark!!
The next 12 cars are on a custom Hot Wheels clock made for me by John Cardullo. A real work of art, with a lot of my favorite cars!
This Classics '57 Chevy is 1:00.
This Track Aces '57 Chevy is 2:00.
A Classics 2 '55 Chevy showing at 3:00.
Super Chromes '57 Chevy at 4:00.
Classics 3 '57 Chevy, 5:00.
Custom '53 Chevy, 6:00.
Flying Colors '57 Chevy, 7:00

2006 Holiday Hotrods '57 Chevy, 8:00.

Classics 2 '55 Chevy, 9:00.
Bone Blazers '57 Chevy, 10:00.
Turbo Taxi Series '57 Chevy, 11:00.
And at high noon, Taxi Rods '55 Chevy!
And here's the finished product, beautiful clock, isn't it? Thanks again, John!

2006 Holiday Rods, green.
2006 Holiday Rods, red.
Taxi Rods '55 Chevy, New York background.
McDonald's Happy Meal '57, stripped down for a future project.
Stunt Action Set '57 Chevy.
Classics 3 '57 Chevy, red.
Classics 2 '57 Chevy Convertible, blue.
Classics 2 '57 Chevy Convertible, purple.
2006 Holiday Rods '57 Chevy, blue.
2006 Holiday Rods '57 Chevy, gold.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

More new Hot Wheels.

Some more new finds.
Custom Classics Ford Model A, blue.
Custom Cougar, orange.
Datsun 240Z, HW Racing blue.
Ferrari 512M, orange.
Ferrari 599 GTB, yellow.
So Fine, '53 Buick, gold & black. '57 Ford T-Bird from Cruising America Series.
'65 & '59 Chevy Impalas, also from Cruising America Series.
'64 Lincoln Continental, white.
Custom Classics Bone Shaker, red.

Some new Hot Wheels for September.

Here's a Camaro Z28 from the Criss Cross Crash Set.
Chevy Camaro Concept Car in black.
My Chevy Girl!
Chevy Silverado in black.
Custom '53 Chevy.
Guess I should have a Ford in here somewhere, here's a '64 Galaxie 500XL in red.
Custom '59 Cadillac in blue with flames.
AMG Mercedes CLK DTM in red & black.
Classics 3 Fat Fendered '40, red.
Buick Grand National in silver.

Classics 3 '70 Plymouth Barracuda, green.

Classics 3 '52 Chevy Truck, green.

Classics 3 '40 Ford Convertible, green.
I'll add more later. Just getting the hang of this, so have patience!